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Comprehensive Planning

What is Comprehensive Planning?

A comprehensive plan, also known as a master or general plan, is a collection of information and materials designed to guide the future development of a community or county. This type of plan provides a community, or county, with a firm foundation for policy and action that will allow it to function more efficiently and effectively. It can strengthen community policies and legislation, and it also can promote a more certain future.

Characteristics of Comprehensive Planning

Rather than call for a specific action or encourage any particular legislative strategy, a comprehensive plan provides a framework and policy context within which to make all decisions relating to land use and future development. The plan acts as a reminder of the general policies that a community should consider when making development decisions. It must be long-range, since one of its most essential components is dealing with issues that are expected to occur as much as decades down the road.

Lastly, the comprehensive plan must be physically and functionally all-encompassing. Given that growth and change nearly always affect every aspect of a community or county, it is important that the plan cover all aspects of the community or county’s future.

For more information regarding our Comprehensive Planning services, please contact the office at 618-548-4234.