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Economic Adjustments Assistance

Economic Adjust Assistance grants are used to address the needs of distressed communities experiencing adverse economic changes that may occur suddenly or over time, and generally result from industrial or corporate restructuring, new Federal laws or requirements, reduction in defense expenditures, depletion of natural resources, or natural disaster. Economic Adjustment Assistance grants are intended to enhance a distressed community's ability to compete economically by stimulating private investment in targeted areas. Current investment priorities include proposals that: (a) enhance the competitiveness of regions in the global economy by supporting existing industry clusters, developing emerging new clusters, or attracting new regional economic drivers; (b) support technology-led economic development and reflect the important role of linking universities and industry and technology transfers; and (c) advance community-and faith-based social entrepreneurship in redevelopment strategies for regions of chronic economic distress.

The Economic Adjustment Assistance Program provides a wide range of technical, planning and public works and infrastructure assistance in regions experiencing adverse economic changes that may occur suddenly or over time. This program is designed to respond flexibly to pressing economic recovery issues and is well suited to help address challenges faced by U.S. communities and regions. Indirect costs are not allowed. All EDA grants are discretionary.

For more information please contact James Patrick at jpatrick@scirpdc.com by email, or call the office at 618-548-4234.