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Lending Options for Your Community

Our Local and County Governments, School Districts, Taxing Jurisdictions and Non-Profit Organizations have a broad range of unique financing needs. When grant opportunities just cannot bridge the financial gap, we offer lending programs that ensure success. The South Central Illinois Regional Planning and Development Commission offers fixed-rate loan options for a variety of needs.

Community Development Initiative (CDI) Loan Program

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Energy Efficiency Initiative (EEI) Loan Program

  • Used To Support Upgrade/Replacement of Costly and Aging Light Fixtures, HVAC Systems, etc. Located within Public Buildings
  • A great partner program to the Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant, the Illinois Energy Now Program and other “green” programs designed to reduce utility expenses and save tax-payer dollars.
  • 2.0% Interest Rate with a Loan Maximum of the Lesser of 75% of a Project or $100,000
  • Up to 5-Year Term

*10-year balloon with option to refinance for 5 more years

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Would you like to discuss your lending options with us? Contact James Patrick, Executive Director at (618) 548-4234.