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Public Works & Economic Development

Public Works grants support the construction or rehabilitation of essential public infrastructure and facilities necessary to generate or retain private sector jobs and investments, attract private sector capital, and promote regional competitiveness, innovation, and entrepreneurship, including investments that expand and upgrade infrastructure to attract new industry, support technology-led development, accelerate new business development, and enhance the ability of regions to capitalize on opportunities presented by free trade.

Characteristic projects include investments in facilities such as water and sewer systems, industrial access roads, industrial and business parks, port facilities, rail spurs, skill-training facilities, business incubator facilities, brownfield redevelopment, eco-industrial facilities, and telecommunications and broadband infrastructure improvements necessary for business creation, retention and expansion. A project must be located in or benefit a region that, on the date EDA receives an application for investment assistance, satisfies one or more of the economic distress criteria set forth in 13 CFR 301.3(a). All investments must be consistent with a current EDA-approved Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) or equivalent strategic economic development plan for the region in which the project will be located, and the applicant must have the required local share of funds committed, available, and unencumbered. Applicants must be able to start and complete proposed projects in a timely manner consistent with award terms and conditions. Recipients must award contracts in accordance with proper procedures and ensure that contractors pay Davis-Bacon wage rates. Indirect costs are not allowed. All grants awarded are discretionary.

For more information please contact the office at 618-548-4234.