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Economic Research

Aeronautics Studies:The purpose of these reports is to compile information on the characteristics and physical condition of the various elements of the public airports within the South Central Illinois Region as well as data on the actual use of those airports located within the five-county region.

CEDS: A CEDS is developed from a continuous planning process developed with broad-based and diverse community participation that addresses the economic problems and potential of a specific area. The strategy should promote sustainable economic development and opportunity; foster effective transportation systems enhance and protect the environment and balance resources through sound management of development. The CEDS process should also help create jobs, develop a more stable and diversified economy and improve our quality of life. The CEDS provides a way for individuals, local government and private industry to coordinate economic development efforts.

Freight Truck Analysis: The regional freight truck analysis provides an assessment of the current regional freight system and further identifies its strengths, weaknesses and areas for possible improvement. It also examines the movement of regional commoditites and services, identifies commodity clusters and industry sectors, and quantitatively assesses the concentration of those commodities within the region.

Greenways & Trails Plans: The central purpose of the Regional Greenways & Trails Plans is to encourage the continued prioritization of planning and improving the existing network of greenways and trails within the region. Greenways and trails provide countless opportunites for economic renewal and growth. Greenways and trails increase property values, provide an avenue for regional tourism and recreational spending, and in general terms, improve the quality of life for the residents of the region.

Industrial Cluster Analysis: An industrial cluster analysis explores how groups of inter-related industries drive wealth creation in a region, primarily through export of goods and services. The use of clusters as a descriptive tool for regional economic relationships provides a richer, more meaningful representation of local industry drivers and regional dynamics than do traditional methods.